This is an important part of history, today is the anniversary Patrice Lumumba’s violent assassination in 1961. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) supplied the U.S. with geological resources for the Manhattan Project during WWII. (some of the plutonium has been dumped in Washington State and is leaking into the environment.) Lumumba was overthrown in the 1960’s by I believe Mobutu fans after Zaire sought liberation from France.

I am going to be reading some of his memoirs at some point to get a better understanding of WWII history that I plan on using to better manage my father’s following from Harvard’s Physics Research Laboratories which were closed in the 1970’s. It is my impression that Harvard University Nuclear research students were not involved with the Lumumba assassination and that it may be important to talk about. There is rumored to have been a Che-Lumumba club via Professor Angela Davis at I believe UC Santa Cruz that may formally discuss these issues.

Until reading some books on Belgium I didn’t know about the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s involvement with the United States during WWII. After college I had joined a fundraising committee for cleanup crews at a nuclear waste dump site from the Manhattan Project and have had a lot of people ask me about health care issues from exposure to plutonium which is actually Madame Curie’s research from France.

Curie died from anemia that was caused by exposure to plutonium that I believe could be creating health problems for people in Washington State especially if the materials leek into the atmosphere.