So today it is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day and I am getting ready to start to read a book called “The Peace Brokers” hopefully in the next few weeks.

At this point I am halfway through both a biography on Ralph Bunche called  “Confronting the Veil” and Sadat’s autobiography. I have been learning about U.S. / Egyptian foreign relations from the LBJ time period who were supplying $80 million dollars worth of wheat every year to Egypt until LBJ cancelled the deal. I believe Sadat claims this happened when there was a bombing at an American movie theatre in Cairo by suicidal Israelites.

I did not know that the United States has been involved with such large agricultural exports to Africa.

I think it is still an important topic and that there might be other agricultural resources that the U.S. has shipped to foreign countries that would be worth thinking about.

I have also been reading about medicinal properties of some rare international fruits and vegetables including some fruits like Ackee which are banned in the states because of their poisonous seed.  I have been wondering why the Cherimoya (which is from Latin America) isn’t banned if it also has a poisonous seed.

I have ordered mangosteen, cupuacu and bael fruits that I have been trying out because of their supposed antioxidant & medicinal properties.