Casa di Opera Gotica and the Arno River Flood of 1966

My aunt’s family (on my mother’s side) has just safely returned from a celebration for the rescue workers from the Arno River Flood in Italy in 1966. It is the 50th Anniversary of the floods. At the time my uncle was on a student exchange program from his alma mater in Florida. He wound up working with the bucket brigades. I have read that a lot of the architecture was damaged in Italy but don’t know much more than that. I am hoping to connect with my family about their recent tour and was thinking it might be a good time to introduce one of my projects I am trying to get started for Gold Dust Artist Affiliation.

About Casa Di Opera Gotica:

While studying fine arts and art history at my alma mater in Massachusetts back in 1998 I was asked to sketch a cathedral (after reviewing the architectural history of religious buildings in different cultures including mosques.)

You will notice I have changed the project’s description from a cathedral to a Opera House.  This is because I have also taken a course in history with someone from the United Nations Embassy to Gambia which might have various religious groups around it that have a fan base in Africa or the States. Also artists from one of the consulting offices in New York that I worked for briefly have supposedly been awarded a U.N. Peace Prize and an Argentine Peace Prize. I have not had the chance to fully fact check this yet though. I don’t want to promote religious buildings around these artists or their managerial networks.

Technical Information About the Project:

Using a computer illustration program (this was not a CAD Program) I have recently re-sketched the image I created for the class.  (Image shown attached to this post) This was one of my questions — I have never used AutoCAD.  What features does the program have opposed to the illustration program that I am using that I could use for this project?

In the past I have teamed up with another graphic artist from Ireland who worked on 3-d renderings for interior space designers and architects. My job was to offer a series of color schemes for the renderings. I enjoyed working on this project immensely.

I have received many offers through a 3-D graphics website to design 3-D renderings for the project but haven’t commissioned anyone yet.

More to come..


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