Having finished several books on the Haitian Revolution I am currently looking through my family’s photo album from their time spent in Bagdad and Bombay (with the British Navy during WWI (after the belle epoque)) and I have been reading Anwar Sadat’s autobiography which produced a stir by Americans for a Safer Israel in the late 1970’s.

(I hope more people read this book (which is well written but I should warn it may stir up angry emotions in its American readers) so I am not the only one commenting on the controversies surrounding his ideas and ambitions. Since first posting this essay I have learned that after being released from jail for assisting Germany with spy radios in Egypt that he rallied against a political movement to assassinate someone who was in office at the time. It is his work after he was released from jail that may have fans who nominated him for awards…I am trying to understand it.)

I have been taking notes and have been thinking about Sadat’s potentially pejoratively egregious effect on the integrity of the Peace Prize and his affect on other recipients who as far as I know have never addressed the anti-semitic references that Sadat makes in the beginning of his autobiography. (If they have then I apologize about the riposte of this essay. I haven’t looked very hard to find these acknowledgements.)

I have been struggling to understand the relationships between the characters that were chronicled in the plethora of articles that were written about his assassination in 1981..after the Camp David Accords. Supposedly according to some internet sources the Trade Center bombing in 1993 was putatively linked to a group of persons involved with a fatwa to assassinate Sadat.

I have been wondering as a British descendant if I should feel solidarity with their government to the point that I would defend (verbally) in a discussion regarding Egyptian freedom from British Colonial rule. I definitely do not support Sadat’s transgressive attempts to join Hitler in WWII. I do respect his wishes to free Egypt from British Colonialism but not by those measures.

More to come….